Custom Racks built specifically for your custom Capricorn.

A custom-made Capricorn rack can be designed around your particular requirements, and built to fit your custom frame.

Most racks made for touring and/or commuting require cheaply made, and often flimsy hardware in order to be adjustable enough to fit most bikes. A rack that fits specifically onto one bike integrates the design, creating a more rigid system for carrying what you want to bring.

Capricorn Bicycles offers a full range of custom-made rack ideas for touring, randonneuring, commuting, delivery, and travel. We’ve partnered in the past with bag-makers Swift Industries, Sketchbook Crafts, and BaileyWorks to create unique, custom bag and rack configurations to suit the needs of individual cyclists. Features such as light mounts, generator wire routing, and removable struts for packing can be added to the rack. Use the “contact” form to inquire about any other features you might be interested in.

Scroll through the pictures above to see more examples and varieties of custom racks Capricorn has designed and built.