Order and deposit info

How to order your Capricorn, direct from the builder:

Step 1: Contact me using the form below, or if you prefer give me a call (phone number’s in the footer).  Share with me what you have in mind, the kind of riding you do or want to do, and specifically any custom measurements or options you’d like addressed in the design or price estimate.

Step 2: Together we’ll decide which model, geometry, and options will work best for you.  If necessary I’ll ask for your body dimensions for a simulated Fit Advisor program.  The options can get kind of overwhelming, especially if your mechanical experience is limited.  I can explain the options if necessary, and inform you of any potential trade-offs.

Step 3: Once you’re ready to confirm a spot in the build queue I need to get a non-refundable deposit, which currently stands at $800.   Upon receipt of deposit you will be sent a comprehensive build description, frame blueprint, fit simulation, paint or powdercoat details, and maybe even some schwag.

Step 4: If there’s any revision that needs to happen with the plan as written that needs to happen before I start cutting tubes.  Otherwise, sit back for a couple months while we do our thing.


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