Depression is the state of feeling awfully sad and without any hope. Depending on the type and duration of your condition, the best way to treat depression is to identify it early. We have two types of depression, namely:

Types of depression

Situational depressionht2gwed6y72u82i2

It occurs when the patient has depression symptoms mainly because of a particular stress that has just taken place in his/her life. Mostly caused by death, divorce, work, and much more.

Clinical depression

This is when the symptoms won’t fade away, and the depression begins to interfere with your brain functionality. It is a serious mental illness that can even last for years.

Depression can turn out to be a very serious mental condition, especially if it goes unnoticed. For that reason, it is very important to know the common signs of depression to seek help and medication as soon as they crop up.

Common signs of depression

Lost interest

Depression takes the pleasure out of the things we love or enjoy doing. A person affected by depression is likely to lose interest or withdrawal from the activities he/she once looked forward to, could it be hobbies, sports, relationship or even a decreased sex force/drive.

Suicidal thoughts

Depression is highly associated with suicide. More than 45,000 people die from suicide every year A depressed person will begin to have thoughts of killing or hurting himself. It rarely develops without showing the symptoms first, but the patient will either often talk about it or have attempted it before.

Weight and appetite

Appetite and weight can fluctuate differently as some lose weight because they don’t have the appetite to eat, and others will gain weight because their appetite has increased rapidly. The most distinguishing factor to find out if depression causes your diet changes is whether it is intentional or not If it’s not, then it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with you.

Emotions that cannot be controlled

Depression tg23ed6ye7u282i292can fluctuate your moods uncontrollably. One minute you are crying uncontrollably for no particular reason, the next minute you are filled with anger and bitterness. One begins to have negative thoughts that cannot be easily controlled and after a while, they feel helpless and worthless.

Sleep and fatigue

Among the common signs of depression is a loss of sleep and fatigue. Stress and over-thinking leads to lack of energy and feeling of lethargy. This condition leads to lack of sleep at all or excessive sleeping and can even make the condition worse because the lack of good, restful sleep will lead to anxiety.