Bradley Wilson, wielder of hammer and flame

11451924214_27144683d1_o (640x427)Bicycles are simple, inspiring, and fun. For me they are an obsession.

In 1998 I had the good fortune of beginning the trade of framebuilding at Waterford Precision Cycles in my home state of Wisconsin. Not only did I love the challenge of the work, but while other production shops were TIG welding exclusively, we were brazing investment-cast lugs with silver– a process that’s labor-intensive, beautiful, and rare.

I still maintain that reverence for distinctiveness, materials, and slow-craft today. Capricorn Bicycles has been in business since 2006 and has operated out of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oregon. 2014 brings another move. This time to Marshall, North Carolina, near Asheville.

-Bradley Wilson, Framebuilder

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